Writer’s Mission

Today, tomorrow and in the future, I want to help businesses bring their vision to life.

The talent and skills that go unseen in the world are often opportunities missed for entire families. My goal is to ensure that we seize it.

I marry those in need with those who provide

and while there is a seriousness to what I do, make no mistake that all I do is play.

Fun makes it natural, enduring and worth every minute. I work when I am not working because it makes me happy.

Art is not a starving profession.

The past two years have proven how unpredictable life can be and how art can hold the world together.

It’s everywhere we look — from the way we like our coffee to the brands that we associate with our worth.

All made up. All brainstormed or sparked by inspiration.

Creativity and strategy are embedded in our lives so much that we hardly notice them.

We forget to credit the art that helps us escape stress,

offers comfort when we need hope,

sprinkles joy to decorate a moment

or even evokes painful emotions that make us feel again.

It’s imperative that people of colour know that Art is a career path where we can succeed.

To be creative is simply to share honestly – to avoid imitating reality and to express what you imagine.

I am willing to stake my desire for stability to become a reference for what could be.

My tradeoffs are often spending time alone or in the corners of coffee shops, refining my craft while the rest of the world seems to be having the best gatherings.

It’s hard to achieve a goal when you don’t have support,

when others don’t understand your plan,

or when you simply don’t have someone to reference.

This is why I’m here. I am certain about my purpose.

Heaven knows that the world needs more people to be proud of, more humans who are telling stories and unifying the world as I do through writing.

The way Shonda Rhimes has shifted perception and used her work to change lives is about as close to what I envision for myself. It’s not about championing serious topics, doing big things or being the loudest voice from a hill. It’s about working on projects that I believe in and offering my best to those who need it.

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